Nice Toona Kit 4 (5m 24v)


Nice Double Leaf Swing Gate Kit for Gates up to 5m Per Leaf 24v (Toonakit 4)

The Toonakit 4 is for swing gates with leaves up to 5 metres, made up of a surface mounted electromechanical gear motor. The internal moving parts are steel, with light alloys and technopolymers. The Toonakit has a generously sized and practical connection compartment, giving rapid and easy access to internal parts in the upper section of the motor. The installation process is simple, and has a built in capacitor for any maintenance that is required. This is ideal for residential use, due to it’s durability and resistance to all conditions

This is the 24 Vdc version with magnetic encoder, making it perfect for intensive with the control unit Moonclever MC824H:

The features of the 24 Vdc version include:

  • Single key, simple programming.
  • Easy understanding of opening and closing limit positions.
  • Automatic fault diagnostics.
  • Programming of pause time.
  • Pedestrian Pass Door.
  • Slows down upon opening and closing
  • Obstacle detection with dual technology
  • Optional rechargeable batteries for operation in the event of power failure.
  • Compatible with latest generation resistive sensitive edges.

Kit Includes:

  • 2 x TO5024 Motors
  • 2 x PLA13 Stops
  • 2 x ON2E Remotes
  • 1 x MC824H Control Panel
  • 1 x EPMB Pair of Bluebus Photocells
  • 1 x OXI Receiver


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