Nice Run Kit 4 (18m 230v)


Nice Sliding Gate Kit FOR GATES UP TO 2500kg 230v (Run Kit 4)

Nice RunKit 4 Sliding Gate Opener Kit (230v) for sliding gates up to 2500kg with electromechanical limit switch.


  • BlueBUS enables a two-wire connection to control 15 devices
  • Precise acceleration/ deceleration settings
  • Adapts to climatic and environmentl conditions whilst adapting the thermal cut-out protection
  • Master/slave selection automatically synchronises 2 motors so you can automate two opposing leafs
  • Very Quiet
  • During the deceleration phase the inveter, which communicates with the control unit increases the torque which improves performance and reduces the risk of impact with obstacles
  • Built-in control unit automatically adjusts the manouvre speed based on the gates weight.

Kit includes:

  • 1 x RUN2500 230v Motor with electromechanical limit switch
  • 2 x ON2E Remotes
  • 1 x RBA3 Control panel
  • 1 x EPMB Pair of Bluebus Photocells
  • 1 x OXI Receiver


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