Nice MOMB Photocells


Nice MOMB Photocells

Wired proximity reader for transponder cards and Flor-m bimodal transmitters, with Nice BlueBUS connection technology.

Exclusive functions:
• 255 card capacity;
• 2 programming modes: Easy or Professional;
• reading distance 4-8 cm;
• enables the entry of which type of cards are enabled on the system: both, MOCARD only or MOCARDP only;
• possibility of programming the number of times a specific card can be used;
• possibility of enabling an automation block unblock function.
• up to 4 MOTB and MOMB control devices connectable via BlueBUS, also in combined configurations;
• two modes (static and dynamic) to activate two different controls selected from 6 available (for example step-step, close, open) according to the control unit connected.

Simple installation: easy and rapid connection with just 2 wires, no polarity, to complete the BlueBUS systems.

Easy programming: with MOU palmtop or O-Box interface, extremely simple management of any type of programming of the BM1000 memory in the vicinity of the system, or remotely, directly from the installer’s office. MOU and O-BOX interface with the PC, enabling efficient archiving of all installations.

New transponder badge: A practical badge that can be attatched to a key-ring for availability at all times.


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