Nice MC824H Control Unit


Nice MC824H Control Unit 

Compatible with various Nice kits such as: MetroKit2, MetroKit4, ToonaKit 3, ToonaKit 4, ToonaKit 5,ToonaKit 7, ToonaKit 8, HyppoKit 2, HyppoKit 4.

For Nice 24 Vdc gear motors, for swing gates. Control unit compatible with the Solemyo solar power system and Opera system for management, programming and diagnostics of automations, also remotely. Equipped with Nice BlueBUS technology. A latest generation model housed in a newly designed box compatible with the Opera system, which thanks to the O-View multi-function display enables personalisation of the system, modifying the opening and closing positions, leaf offset and deceleration intervals, and diversifying parameters such as force, speed, and obstacle detection for each motor. 

24 Vdc version with magnetic encoder and microprocessor logic: in addition to the classic functions such as intelligent clutch with anti-crushing safety device, gradual start-up and deceleration, automatic memorisation of both travel limit positions and the pedestrian door function, Moonclever also offers the advantages of the Opera system. 

Safe and reliable, thanks to obstacle detection with dual technology and monitoring of motor absorption and speed via the encoder, throughout door/gate travel, with provision for connection of latest generation resistive sensitive edges. 

Intelligent: on start-up, indicator to confirm correct power supply and efficient operation of the control unit; automatic fault diagnostics and signalling via the flashing light and confirmation leds. 

Guaranteed savings and respect for the environment: when connected to the mains in standby mode, the control unit with the radio receiver connected consumes just 2 W; when powered by battery or the Solemyo kit, consumption on standby is reduced to 0.1 W. 

Installation couldn’t be simpler, thanks to the system BlueBUS, enabling connection of the control unit, motors and accessories by means of just two wires. The motor is selected with a simple procedure before automatic search of travel positions. Internal compartment for housing the multifunction display O-View and optional PS324 batteries.


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