Nice MC424L Control Unit


Nice MC424L Control Unit

Compatible with various Nice kits such as: X-MetroKit, Wingo2024Kit, Wingo3524Kit.

Nice Moonclever for nice 24 VDC gear motors, for swing gates. Control unit, compatible with the solar power kit Solemyo.

For Nice 24 Vdc gear motors, without encoder: Wingo4024, Wingo5024 and X-Metro2020.

Safe and reliable thanks to obstacle detection throughout travel and provision for the connection of latest generation resistive sensitive edges.

Intelligent: automatic fault diagnostic and signals via flashing light and confirmation leds.

Savings, respect for the enviroment, ad autonomy: connected to the buffer battery or Solemyo kit, consumption on standby is just 0.1 W.

No black out: operation in the event of a power failure by means of optional batteries (PS124) with compartment in control unit.

Radio reciever: provision for insertion of SM snap-fit receivers.


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