Nice FT210B Battery Bluebus Photocells


Nice FT210B – Battery Bluebus Photocells

Optical device, with wireless transmitter to secure on moveable leaf, horizontally adjustable through 210° and 30° vertically, for an automation according to Standards.

Please note: FT210/FT210B wireless photocells are only compatible with sliding gate kits.

• The safety level of the main edge, required by the EN12453 standard, can be achieved for any “type of use”and any “type of activation” by integrating a FT210 device to an 8.2kohm TCB65 type resistive sensitive edge.

• The FT210 device, integrated with a “resistive” sensitive edge (8.2kohm), is safe against individual faults or can be used with automated systems with self-diagnosis at the start of every manoeuvre.

• Versions with relay output (FT210), with Nice BlueBUS technology (FT210B), available with 2Ah (FTA2) and 7Ah (FTA1) battery Kit, for intensive use.

* The battery is not provided with the photocell.

Cutting-edge technology: The anti-collision circuit avoids interference with other out-of-sink receivers. The FT210/FT210B optical devices are equipped with a special sensor capable of recognizing when the gate is motionless, which remains in a low consumption mode and activates only when the gate is in motion.

Suitable for any architectural environment and easy to install.

Resilient and safe: Polycarbonate casing; FA1 vandal-proof metal shell (optional); low transmitter battery indicator.


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