Nice FLO1R-S


Nice FLO1R-S, 1 Channel Radio-Control


1 channel rolling code transmitter 433.92 Mhz, with a self-learning function, compatible with all Nice Automation products.

Ideal solution for the management of multi-use systems with a unique and personal code: the self learning receivers are able to receive and store 1020 codes.

Rolling code transmission: absolutely secure because its impossible to clone.

  • Number of buttons: 1
  • Type of programming: Programming with the receiver
  • Type of battery: 12V, 23A battery
  • Range 150-200m with aerial tuned in free space
  • digital 52 bit (4.5 million billion combinations)
  • Dimensions: 72 x 15 x 40 mm
  • Battery and instructions included



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