AES 603-EH (Extra Handset)

The AES 603-EH Entree Phone

This is an extra handset, as the 603 kit can have up to 3 extra handsets. This means you can make internal calls between handsets. This comes complete with charging base and plug in charger.

Other features of the 603-EH include:

  • Stylish curved model
  • Modern blue back lighting effect
  • BS316 marine grade, brushed stainless steel construction with gloss acrylic trim.
  • The kit includes: speech panel, transmitter module, power supply, 3 metres screened CAT5 cable. handset, charging base and charger.

Technical details of this product include:

  • 5v DC Power Supply (Adaptor Included)
  • 1.88GHz DECT Digital Technology
  • Up to 4 handsets per system
  • AAA Ni-mH rechargeable handset battery
  • 24 hours battery life between charges.


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